Bi Fold Doors

Bi Fold Doors

Bi fold doors open up your world to the great outdoors

Beautiful garden or scenic view, one of those situations where a standard window is simply not showcasing all you see before you, time to move up to a bi fold door and bring the great outdoors into your living room.

Bi folds can be designed to fit any size of opening, with any number of sliding panels (limited only by size and weight) they can open in any way you choose from either end, from the centre and they come in a range of materials, timber, aluminium and UPVC and they all work to provide you with that uninterrupted view for which you crave, the customer has never had a greater choice.

Open your bi fold doors to let the sunshine and clean fresh air flow through your home and when the weather changes simply close them and allow the double glazing (as standard) to keep you warm and cosy out of the winter chill.

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